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Playlists for May 24, 1997

FritteringMercury RevYerself Is Steam
Lila Engel (Lilac Angel)NeuNeu 2
La BrochaEstrellas De ChocolateEl Mambo Me Priva (Cuban Gold 3 - The 60's)
Lascivious DreamsUnknownmixMix3
Minya (Godzilla's Kid)Howl! The Growls Of All Toho Monsters
Mood IndigoGianluigi Trovesi OctetLes Hommes Armes
Something's Got To GiveBeastie BoysCheck Your Head
Aspect SentimentalHenri SaugetMusique Concrete
Crab ClawDavid CunninghamThe Secret Dub Life Of The Flying Lizards
Recitatif TigreEthiopiePolyphonies Et Techniques Vocales
Reign Of AshesPaul SchutzeThe Annihilating Angel
Epilogue: Spell Of CreationChoral Music Of Vladimir Ussachevsky
A Street Called ProspectThe Cleaners From Venus7"
From Dotage To ConsecrationSteven R. SmithGehenna Belvedere
PaintingPierre FavrePortrait
The Duel (Track 11)Raphael MostelCeremony For The Equinox
Jungle MarriageGrind OrchestraSo Wap
Tune In Turn OnHal BlainePsychedelic Percussion
After LifeTim LearyBeyond Life With Timothy Leary
Junebug CrayonMedusa Cyclone7"
Mean Old Bed Bug BluesLouis Armstrong & King Oliver With Bessie SmithHigh Society
Lemon MerorangutanMelted MenThe Sheets Are Soaked
What's New Pussycat?Shelley HirschGreat Jewish Music: Burt Bacharach
Two White RussiansThe Don CossacksS/T
Ain't That A Kick In The HeadDean MartinWild, Cool & Swingin' Ultra Lounge Vol. 5
May I Light Your Cigarette?Beacon Street UnionThe Clown Died In Marvin Gardens
Theme From Captain BlackJames BloodTales Of Captain Black
Yellow SunshineThirsty MoonThirsty Moon
Dances Of The HarvestRaksha ManchamSolar A Music Travelogue Vol. 1
Baron SaturdayThe Pretty ThingsS.F. Sorrow
Little Tin SoldierHydro PyroPsychedelic Moods Pt. 2
The Freaky FiveHenriLotus Eaters
Eveleme DevelemeZenDerya
Kong (Japanese Version)Howl!...
She Is Not DeadAdrian BelewTwang Bar King
Body MusicDonald KnaackJunk Music
Quuassukpuq Qua Gami (He Is Happy Because He Came)Michael SnowThe Last Lp CD
Tired, Drunk & Bitter Bossa NovaCoffeeOne-Armed One-Man Band Live
BinsNigel Coombes & Steve BeresfordTwo To Tangle
Yoo Doo Right3pCan Sacrilege
Hiri Gerrilaren DantzaNegu GorriakIdea Zabaldu
Blowin' Through Yokohama (Pt.2)MedallionsBlowin' Through Yokohama
16 Hot Skillet Muck Muck R&B Blasts
MoovementPhillip Kent BimsteinGarland Hirschi's Cows
Lou,Nico,Sterling,John & MaureenThe Azusa Plane7"
Biollante ?Howl!...
DesolacionistasAvant-Dernieres PenseesRadiant Porvenir
Track 7Toho SaraToho Sara
It's A Long Way DownThe Fallen AngelsThe Roulette Masters Pt. 2 Of 2
Fete ForaineRoger RogerGrands Travauz

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